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Capri, a slice of paradise suspended between the sky and the sea, is a destination that enchants millions of hearts each year. 

Whether you’re planning your first visit or are a returning aficionado, is your go-to resource for making your time on this idyllic island unforgettable.

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Welcome to, the definitive travel and lifestyle blog dedicated to the stunning island of Capri and its surrounding areas. If you’re planning a trip to this Mediterranean paradise, looking for the best dining spots, or simply daydreaming about your next great adventure, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of seasoned travelers, foodies, and local experts have scoured the island to bring you the most comprehensive guides, tips, and reviews that Capri has to offer.

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Unforgettable Adventures

Capri is a place of extraordinary natural beauty and offers a plethora of activities, for everyone from solo travelers to families. Our blog features a wealth of information, from Things To Do in Capri to scooter hire guides, sailing tour guides and beyond. Whether you’re an adventure junkie wanting to explore Capri’s legendary Faraglioni rock formations or someone who prefers a peaceful boat tour along the Amalfi Coast, we’ve got you covered.

Gastronomic Delights

Capri isn’t just about beautiful landscapes; it’s also a haven for food lovers. If you’re into fine dining or looking for the coziest cafes, our restaurant guides, and in-depth wine and food guides will guide you to the best culinary experiences on the island.

Luxury and Relaxation

If it’s luxury and relaxation you’re after, you won’t be disappointed. Our guides to luxury hotels and spas are tailored to help you unwind in the lap of luxury.

Hotel Accommodation

We’ve covered the very best accommodation in Capri, from 5 star luxury to cozy romantic getaways on the island. We include reviews and feedback from people who have experienced these incredible hotels.


Cultural Insights

Capri is rich in history and culture, and our blog delves into the intriguing stories behind the island’s landmarks and traditions. Our posts cover places such as Villa Malaparte, the dramatic house featured in The Godfather, or cultural insights about Capri’s famous porcelain bells. We offer insider sightseeing tips that you won’t find in typical travel guides.

Seasonal Tips

Capri is a year-round destination, but each season has its unique charm. Our seasonal guides offer tips on what to do and see throughout the year, so you can enjoy the island like a local!

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We’re not just another travel blog; we aim to be your ultimate resource for everything Capri. Our team of experts and travel writers are passionate about sharing their first-hand experiences, backed by meticulous research, to help you make the most of your time on this beautiful island.

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