Lido Del Faro: Capri's Most Glamorous Beach Club

Lido Del Faro: Capri’s Most Glamorous Beach Club

Lido Del Faro stands as the epitome of luxury and glamour in Capri’s exclusive beach club scene. Nestled on the island’s southwestern tip, this stunning destination offers unparalleled natural beauty, top-notch amenities, and service that pampers. Its picturesque location in the shadow of the Punta Carena lighthouse provides guests with breath-taking vistas of the sea and cliffs.

Lido Del Faro
Lido Del Faro

To fully appreciate Lido Del Faro’s splendor, it helps to understand the evolution of beach clubs on Capri. The island has a rich history of stylish seaside gatherings for both locals and visitors. Lido Del Faro carries on this tradition with its relaxing yet lively ambiance. Exploring other popular clubs offers perspective on what makes this gem so special.

The surrounding town of Anacapri also enhances the experience. Beyond Lido Del Faro’s manicured terraces, Anacapri’s charms invite further exploration of authentic island culture and memorable attractions.

Lido Del Faro’s Stunning Setting and Luxury Amenities

Perched on the Punta Carena peninsula, Lido Del Faro overlooks sparkling blue waters that reflect the brilliant summer sky. Its prime placement was no accident. Founder Ercole D’Esposito meticulously selected the site in 1970 to maximize views of stunning sunsets and offer guests accessible, high-end amenities just steps from a secluded beach.

Over 50 years later, Lido Del Faro still delivers on its promise of exclusive luxury in an idyllic Mediterranean setting. Guests at this family-owned gem can enjoy private sun decks and loungers along tiered seaside terraces. Attendants cater to visitors’ needs, delivering drinks and light fare. The menu spotlights fresh seafood and other coastal Italian specialties.

An expansive sea-water pool lies enclosed in a natural rock basin, providing visitors a picturesque spot for a refreshing dip. Sunbathers indulging poolside can take advantage of in-water massage jets. Cabanas line the deck for those seeking shade.

As the afternoon sun dips towards the sea, Lido Del Faro transitions into its evening aperitivo service. Bartenders stand ready to prepare sunset cocktails, while kitchen staff circulate with hors d’oeuvres. As conversation flows, globe lights flicker on and music fills the lounge with laidback beats.

Exploring Capri’s Other Stylish Beach Clubs

While Lido Del Faro stands in a class of its own, Capri offers other beach clubs where visitors can pass lazy days by the sea. Like Lido Del Faro, many of these establishments opened between the 1950s and 1970s to meet demand from an influx of celebrities and jet setters drawn to the island. Over time, they’ve retained their mid-century glamour through meticulous upkeep and consistent service.

A short walk down the coast from Lido Del Faro, Bagni Tiberio Beach Club occupies another stunning slice of rocky outcrop. Its series of terraces step down to a long pier perfect for sunbathing or leaping into sparkling coves. Servers attend closely to lounge chairs arranged along flower-lined pathways.

On Capri’s opposite side, Bagni Internazionali beach captures classic coastal chic with candy-striped cabanas packed closely along the main Marina Grande beach. Amenities take the shape of beach balls and pizza rather than private attendants. The scene skews younger and lively.

Villas like Villa Marina Capri open their seaside grounds to non-guests during the day. Here, visitors soak in the private villa atmosphere while enjoying food and drink service near the small bathing area. The experience comes at a premium price.

Compared to these neighbors, Lido Del Faro’s style stands apart as the pinnacle of exclusivity and service on an island known for luxury. Its faceted gemstone and deep blue sea views couldn’t contrast more beautifully with Capri’s iconic limestone and indigo palette.

Anacapri – An Authentic Taste of Island Charm

Beyond Lido Del Faro, the colorful character of Anacapri village beckons. Anacapri rests high on Capri’s western half, cradled by Monte Solaro’s towering peak. Its laidback culture and slower pace offer an authentic look at local island life.

Wander narrow lanes to uncover pastel-hued stucco houses and shops, or linger at cafés to watch residents chatting over espresso. Seekers of adventure can ride the vintage single-chair lift up Monte Solaro for breathtaking island views, or traverse winding paths through vineyard-striped valleys. The walk rewards with glimpses of colorful wildflowers and soaring coastal vistas.

Anacapri’s most iconic site, Villa San Michele stands regally atop a ridge. Built around an ancient chapel, Swedish doctor Axel Munthe filled the villa and gardens with archaeological relics during the late 19th century. Today visitors explore the lush grounds and picturesque ruins while gazing out over Anacapri’s iconic red-tiled rooftops.

Villa San Michele

When the day draws to a close, Anacapri’s low-key trattorias beckon with the sizzle of fresh seafood on the grill, paired with crisp local Falanghina white wine. Locals and visitors alike gather to trade tales of their island adventures before winding their way home under fading skies.

Below the glow of Punta Carena lighthouse back at Lido Del Faro, fashionable patrons linger in the flickering lounge well into the night. Today’s entrance to Capri’s elite scene mirrors many generations past, all sharing the island’s magical spirit. Lido Del Faro now carries the torch in luxury hospitality along these storied shores. Its world-class amenities and style secure its place as Capri’s ultimate glamorous escape.

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