Bagni Tiberio in Capri

Discover Tranquility at Bagni Tiberio in Capri

Nestled along the idyllic shores of the Bay of Naples lies the island of Capri, a picturesque Mediterranean paradise known for its breathtaking coastal scenery, quaint seaside villages, and air of romance and relaxation. At the heart of this captivating island lies Bagni Tiberio, an award-winning beach club offering a blend of rich history and modern luxury amidst Capri’s idyllic natural landscape.

A Timeless Oasis Overlooking Marina Grande

Steeped in over 2,000 years of history dating back to the Roman emperor Tiberius, Bagni Tiberio transports guests to another era through its seaside location within the ruins of Tiberius’ old summer palace. The beach club’s seaside restaurant and beach area allow guests to immerse themselves in the laidback charm of Capri while soaking up scenic views of vibrant colored boats bobbing in Marina Grande harbor.

Bagni Tiberio’s beach and swimming area provide a peaceful oasis for travelers, with lounge chairs dotting the pebbled shore and beach attendants ready to cater to guests’ needs. Crystal clear waters tempted swimmers looking to cool off from the warm Mediterranean sun. Parents can relax while kids delight in beach toys and amenities tailored especially for little ones.

Captivating Perspectives of Marina Grande

While Bagni Tiberio offers a peaceful escape, travelers can also embark on a boat tour of Marina Grande to soak in the captivating beauty of Capri from a unique, sea-level vantage point. Experienced captains guide guests through hidden grottos and coves revealing the island’s dramatic coastal cliffs, Roman ruins dotting azure waters, and the charming palette of pastel-colored architecture ornating seaside towns.

Boat tours give visitors front row views of the bustling Marina Grande harbor, where much of the island’s fishing trade and tourism takes place. The harbor offers a microcosm of daily island life, with restaurant patrons dining al fresco alongside swaths of fishermen hauling their daily catch to waiting families.

Planning Your Island Getaway

Immerse yourself in island life, rich history, and scenic Mediterranean vistas during a stay at Bagni Tiberio. With its beachside location, award-winning restaurant, and family-friendly amenities, the property entices visitors to slow down and embrace the romantic allure of Capri that has beckoned travelers for centuries. Contact Bagni Tiberio today to start planning your island getaway.

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