La Zagara Restaurant in Anacapri

Savor Mediterranean Flavors at La Zagara Restaurant in Anacapri, Capri

The island of Capri in Italy is famed for its picturesque coastal scenery, upscale shopping, and fine dining options. Anacapri, located on the higher elevations of Capri, offers incredible views and a more relaxed pace compared to the busier main town. La Zagara Restaurant at the Casa Mariantonia hotel is a gem for experiencing the flavors of the Mediterranean through its seasonal menu and extensive wine list. Its idyllic setting makes it a perfect place to unwind in style.

La Zagara Restaurant: A hidden culinary oasis in Anacapri

Tucked away inside the Casa Mariantonia boutique hotel, La Zagara Restaurant invites guests to discover the flavors of traditional Italian cuisine with a modern twist. The restaurant’s name means “orange blossom” in Italian, hinting at the citrus aromas and flavors that are a signature of the Mediterranean.

La Zagara Restaurant in Anacapri

La Zagara is open daily for lunch from 12 PM to 3 PM and dinner from 7 PM to 11 PM, so guests can enjoy a meal at their convenience. Reservations are recommended for dinner to secure a table. From October 22, 2023 to April 6, 2024, the restaurant will be closed for the winter season.

The intimate setting under shaded lemon trees creates a charming ambiance for dining. As a full wine bar and restaurant, La Zagara allows guests to pair regional wines with their meal or enjoy them independently at the bar. The convenient location next to the hotel entrance makes it easily accessible.

Luxurious Anacapri hotels for a memorable island getaway

Anacapri has several upscale hotels to choose from for an unforgettable island retreat. Guests who stay at the exclusive nine room Casa Mariantonia boutique hotel where La Zagara is located can take advantage of luxurious amenities during their visit. From breakfast in the room, to the on-site bar and minibar, and private check-in/check-out services, Casa Mariantonia aims to anticipate every need.

Safety and security are also top priorities, with fire extinguishers, CCTV cameras, key card access, and in-room safes provided for guest peace of mind. Staying at Casa Mariantonia or another Anacapri hotel enables easy access to La Zagara Restaurant as well as the other attractions and activities around the island.

Exploring Capri’s attractions and natural beauty

In addition to its celebrated food scene, the island of Capri has plenty of sights totake in. The famous Blue Grotto sea cave illuminated by sunlight passing through underwater openings is a must-see. The Faraglioni rock formations jutting out of the sea are also iconic natural landmarks.

By foot or boat, visitors can explore hidden grottos, soaring cliffs, and secluded coves around the island’s coastline. On land, the village of Anacapri has its own sights like the historic Villa San Michele mansion and views from the Monte Solaro mountaintop. Capri Town, the island’s main hub, offers high-end shopping on the Via Camerelle and people watching in La Piazzetta.

From coastal hikes to boat tours and beyond, experiencing the natural beauty and attractions of Capri completes the island getaway.

More to savor: Capri’s delightful culinary scene

In addition to La Zagara’s Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, the island of Capri boasts an abundance of dining choices to suit every palate. Seafood features prominently on menus, with dishes like linguine with clams and salt-crusted branzino elevating the fresh catches of the day from the surrounding sea. Local ingredients like tomatoes, olives, eggplants and lemons add vibrant flavors.

Capri's delightful culinary scene

The restaurants, wine bars and cafés of Capri Town offer both panoramic vistas along with fine food and drink. More casual eateries can be found in the side streets. Many establishments have outdoor seating to take advantage of the temperate climate. From family-run trattorias to upscale dining venues, there is something for every taste and budget.

Key Highlights

  • La Zagara Restaurant located in Casa Mariantonia hotel, Anacapri
  • Traditional Mediterranean cuisine with modern approach
  • Open daily for lunch and dinner; reservations needed for dinner
  • Closed for winter from October 2023 to April 2024
  • Charming outdoor seating under lemon trees
  • Complimentary limoncello with dinner
  • Walking distance from Casa Mariantonia Hotel
  • Luxury boutique Anacapri hotels offer five-star amenities and service
  • Iconic natural attractions like Blue Grotto, Faraglioni rocks
  • Activities like coastal hikes, boat tours
  • Vibrant dining scene across Capri with emphasis on seafood and local produce

An Idyllic Retreat for the Senses at La Zagara Restaurant

A meal at La Zagara Restaurant in Anacapri, Capri is an opportunity to retreat from the bustle of everyday life and indulge in delightful flavors. Its intimate outdoor setting and garden atmosphere transport diners to a place for relaxation and rejuvenation. La Zagara’s seasonal Mediterranean dishes prepared with regional ingredients create a feast for the senses befitting the idyllic island location.

As highlighted, La Zagara Restaurant offers a refined yet welcoming dining experience in an unforgettable setting. The convenience of its location in the Casa Mariantonia hotel makes it easily accessible for an indulgent lunch or dinner. Exploring the menu showcases how Mediterranean cuisine can be both familiar in its classic dishes and creative in modern interpretations.

Beyond the restaurant itself, the accommodation options of Anacapri provide a luxurious base for an island getaway. The amenities and services of hotels like Casa Mariantonia ensure total comfort and relaxation during a stay. With the natural beauty and attractions of Capri just a stroll or boat ride away, guests have plenty to keep them occupied between meals.

From the flavors of each thoughtfully crafted dish to the peaceful ambiance surrounding the lemon trees, La Zagara is an escape for the senses. It represents the best of dining experiences available across the island paradise of Capri. The chance to unwind at La Zagara allows one to bring home indelible memories of relaxation and rejuvenation in an idyllic Mediterranean setting.

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